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Colorado Capo
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Colorado Capo
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“Join – Learn – Collaborate – Grow”

Serving Dallas Songwriters since  1987

Why wait? 
Renew your membership or join online. Becoming a member of the Dallas Songwriters Association is a rewarding opportunity for songwriters at any level. 
Let’s write songs and change the world! 

DSA offers four contests to meet our mission of providing a benchmark for competency in songwriting: Annual International Song Contest, Quarterly Lyric Contest, Rising Star for 18 & under and our monthly song critique.

Each month we meet via Zoom, for a 2nd Thurs. monthly workshop, showcase on 3rd Tues., and an open mic every Wed. There is a Songwriters Round at Guitars & Growlers, Love and War, Opening Bell on Thurs. Songwriters Notes Newsletter.

Visit our shop where you can join, renew your : membership, donate to DSA, enter a song critiques, enter song and lyric contests, attend a workshop, buy a ticket for special events advertising on our website, and buy caps and t-shirts.

DSA is run by a member elected Board of Directors who manage our programs. These directors are assisted by committee members. See who is working to bring learning opportunities to the songwriting community.

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