FENCES by Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA
A TASTE OF LOVE SO SWEET by Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA
REMEMBER ME AS A SUNNY DAY by Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA
SAID A FATHER TO HIS SON by Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA
SUGAR FROM THE VINE by Ynana Rose, San Luis Obispo, CA
RIVER OF MEMORIES by Charles Carter, Dallas, Tx

First, let me thank the writers for entering this contest and encourage them to get better.  There were 21 entries and I noticed the biggest mistake some of these writers made was the song was too long…too many verses.  Most songs have only 3 verses, a chorus that gets repeated and possibly a bridge.  The meters in the 1st verse need to closely match the meters in the 2nd and 3rd verse…another common mistake. …. Nancy Rynders


FENCES © Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA

This song has a a different twist to a breakup and I liked the comparison. I put in parenthesis my added word to make the meters match or what I considered a better line.


Fences make good neighbors, (at) least that’s what they say
But this fence growing up between us has gotta go away
(But this fence that’s between us has got to go away)
I didn’t see it coming, don’t know where it came from
And if I helped build it, I’m sorry for what I’ve done


A fence can be made of many things but it can’t build itself
(It takes someone to build a fence, it can’t build itself)
This one’s growing (pretty) fast, is there help from someone else?
We shared a love so strong, thought it would last forever (almost from the start)
But there’s a fence between us now, we can’t get together (tearing us apart)


Fences hide the other side, what do you hide from me
If I climb, what will I find you don’t want me to see


Some fences keep you in, some (want) to lock you out
(Just) tell me what you think this fence is all about
A wall of love surrounds us but that fence grew in between
Trying to climb over it, the tallest one I’ve seen
(Love once consumed us but that fence grew in between
And I can’t climb over, it’s the tallest one I’ve seen)



A fence is made to separate, this fence ain’t got no gate
Let’s tear it down to the ground before it gets too late



A TASTE OF LOVE SO SWEET © Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA

This is a good love song


Love is not an easy thing, it’s difficult to find
You can’t hold in your hand, what’s only in your mind
Not everyone will touch it, fewer can hold on
Love is always fleeting, in a moment can be gone


The taste of love (is) so sweet, sweeter than fine wine
Once you have a little bit, you’ll want it all the time
It’ll turn your tears to gold, (and) stop the rain with sun
(Will) take away your pain, and fill your world with fun


The taste of love so sweet can cut you like a knife
Open up your heart and take slices of your life
But the feeling is incredible as it sweeps you off your feet
Anything on earth is worth the taste of love so sweet


Love is overpowering, it can take you way too far
Push you till you fall, (and) make you wear it like a scar
Our lives have little meaning, til love makes them complete
It starts out with a kiss, the taste of love so sweet



REMEMBER ME AS A SUNNY DAY © Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA
This is an upbeat sad song that has some good poetic lines


SAID A FATHER TO HIS SON © Bill Kapac, Williamstown, PA
The first two verses were great and I was hooked.  But the chorus was a disappointment. I think you should tell how he wanted to marry her but she didn’t love him and moved away,  He heard she had a boy and had married someone else and assumed the child always thought her husband was his father. I’d like a happy ending, too.  Maybe the boy finally questioned his mom.  The verses were great but it was too long…good story, though.

A Note from Barbara McMillen

The lyrics are all judged blind. Nancy does not know yet that all the winners were songs from Bill Kapac. This is the first time this has happened. The other two semifinalists were Charles Carter, Dallas, Tx and Yanna Rose Zovich, San Luis Obpispo, CA, whose songs had very interesting titles.