Listen to the winning songs of the DSA 2014 Song Contest in the Country category!

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1st Place – “My Shine” by T Edwin Doss, Silver Springs, MD


She was found in a fruit stand in ‘eighty-four.
A friend brought her to me, set her on the floor,
Those black spots over each eye just melted my heart.
She was humble and kind, never hurt anything,
We became friends that particular spring,
I always knew it would last forever, right from the start
As time went by she learned little games…
All of her toys had their own names,
Not to mention, playing with my pillow upon my bed.
She lived, she loved, and she grew older with me,
She taught me so many ways to see that a dog
Gives so much more, for one pat on its head.

Ooooh you Shiner dog.. go chase a squirrel and play with a frog….
Make me laugh once more as you greet me at the door….
Ooooh you happy girl…go fetch a stick, jump and twirl
I’ll always see you in my dream… you and I we were a team..
Never be another dog like mine..never be
Another dog like My Shine.

She gave me something that money couldn’t buy..
A loyal friendship that could never die,
But there finally came a time when I had to let go of my friend.
I lay her by the fireplace, warm, and in her bed,
I held her so closely and kissed her little head,
I whispered, “I love you”, in her ear ‘til the very end.
Sometimes the wind will play make-believe.
I can often hear her running through the autumn leaves
Squeaking that squeaky-toy with every stride.
Even though she is gone, her heart is here..
Beating with mine, she seems so very near..
And when I close my eyes, I know she is by my side.