Lyric Contest Results – Summer and Fall of 2015

DSALogo-forStripe-128pxBefore presenting the results, I would like to apologize for the lateness of the posting. I had too much on my plate – both personal and DSA -and the lyric contest suffered, for that I once again apologize. I am resigning the position to concentrate on other positions.

In the Summer Lyric Contest:

1st – Trains by Nancy Line and Candy Kattenburg

2nd – Ducky, If You’re Listening by Brenda Peak

3rd – October Sky by Kerry Kean

Honorable Mention

If I Hold You Tenderly by Michael Roth

What’s Your Plan by David DelBianco

In the Fall Lyric Contest:

1st – Memories of the Future by David Byboth

2nd – The Telegram and the Locket by Myra Litton

3rd – Tear-Stained Letters by Myra Litton

Honorable Mention:

The Magic of Christmas by Catherine Pittman

I will send out the critiques as I get a chance. Congratulations to the winners!!

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.