Our Team

Our Team

DSA is an organization that has been around for over 32 years, and we’ve been involved in the heart of the Dallas music industry. We provide our members with exceptional education, business and industry information, and exclusive performance opportunities.

DSA Mission Statement

Enhance the personal growth and professionalism of our members through the following means:

  • Provide practical guidance for songwriters/artists on common standards and expectations within the music industry.
  • Sharpen required competencies for excelling in the songwriting profession.
  • Serve as a forum for networking among peers and with industry experts to generate career opportunities.
  • Serve as a nonpolitical advocate for songwriters and performers in liaison with peer organizations throughout the country.

Our President, Michael Brandenberger

DSA President, Michael Brandenberger has been involved in music for over 40 years playing blues and jazz guitar since his high school days in San Antonio.  His most recent band in Dallas was Big Daddy and the Swell-Tones who made the Hole In The Wall their home base up until its demise.  He only started writing songs several years ago but has had songs placed on internet radio stations.  The Dallas Songwriters Association has given him many opportunities to play his original songs at open mics plus the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, the Wildflower Festival and the House of Blues.

Our Board of Directors

Barbara McMillen

Founding President Emeritus & Director of Administration 

Bobby Montgomrey

Executive Vice President & Programs Director

Harry Hewlett

Director of A&R  &  DSA Song Contest

Craig Langford

Director of  Workshop & Showcase

Rickey Gene Wright

Director of  Workshop & Showcase

Buck Morgan

Director of  PR & Communications 

Ben Halim

Vice President of Music Technology & tools

Jessica Ewy

Secretary & Operations Advisor

Phillip Casteel

Treasurer & Financial Advisor

Joe Milton

Director & At Large Representative

Jack Allday

Director & At Large Representative

Don Wall

Director of Public Relations

Ken Duren

Director & At Large Representative

Alexis Tapp

Director of Membership & Lyrics Contest

Gene Schillaci

Director of Lyrics Contest