Song Critique Rules

Only DSA members are able to submit a song for the critique.

The submitted song should be on a CD (only one song per CD) that should include your name and phone number. Approximately 20 typed lyric sheets should be provided for each song. Lyric sheets should NOT include your name, but a phone number is helpful for identification. Songs must be written or co-written by a current DSA member. (Only 1 song per member per meeting please) Only the first 10 songs submitted will be played due to the limited time. A song submitted without a lyric sheet may not be played if there are 10 other songs that have lyric sheets. The song is commented and scored before the author is announced.

At the end of each year, a Songwriter of the Year is announced, determined by the most winning songs for the year. Also, a Song of the Year is awarded by an independent judge from the music industry, who reviews all the winning songs from the year.

MIC (Mail-In Critique) Program

Members may mail into our PO Box a Cd to be critiqued at the meetings for a fee of $20. Your critique will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file. This offers members who are unable to attend the meeting the benefit from the critique program and a chance to compete for the Songwriter of the Year Award. Here’s a comment from Morri Hartgraves about the program, “Thank you for putting the time and effort into the MIC. The program is really benefiting me as a songwriter. Sherrie and Blake’s comments were appreciated.”

Mail your CD and a check for $20 to Dallas Songwriters Meeting Critique, Sammons Center for the Arts, 3630 Harry Hines Blvd. #20, Dallas, Tx 75219.

Expect up to two weeks for a reply.

Online Submission

Members may also submit a song for critique in MP3 format online. You must be logged in as a DSA member to submit your song. The fee is $10 if you will be attending the meeting. If you won’t be attending the fee is $20, and a recording of your critique will be emailed to you.